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Reunion with ex-ex-colleagues

Having a workshop to attend on last Friday, I went to Tokyo and stayed until today. Normally I go back on the same day or the following day after such business, but since I joined it spontaneously getting a day off I could also enjoy my time in Tokyo this weekend.

It's been already 5 years since I left the first company and I didn't have a chance to see my ex-ex-colleagues for long even though I had several occasions to visit Tokyo ever. It was therefore kind of dream for me to see them again, and I could do it this time finally! Not all of them could I see unfortunately but nevertheless I saw some of my previous colleagues, had lunch together, went out for sightseeing and enjoyed chatting with them. I was very happy to share recent news and see them still nice as before.

Time passed by so quickly and we had to soon split up but I hope to see them again near future and to meet also other ex-ex-colleagues whom I couldn't see this time.


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Ramichan Cafe / ラミちゃんカフェ

One of my friends from Hiroshima recently moved to Tokyo for her new life. As we met in Hiroshima last, I said I would make a visit to Tokyo to have lunch/dinner together, but I was thinking it would be in Summer vacation or even later. What a surprise! I made it just in a month after our last meeting, having a business trip there.

There are many fabulous restaurants to go in Tokyo, then I was kinda lost in thought, because I couldn't choose any of them. But then, she suggested to go to her workplace for dinner. I asked what the restaurant would serve there, and she said, "Puerto Rican dishes." I could only guess it should be some kind of Latin American dishes, but simply had no idea what it would taste like. So, I was VERY interested in her suggestion.

On the way to the restaurant, she told that there's only one Puerto Rican restaurant in Japan so far, it's the restaurant where she works, and that's Ramichan Cafe, which a very famous baseball player runs with his wife. I knew she was fond of baseball game, I remembered that she worked at a restaurant where she could use Spanish at work, I had seen that she had visited Ramichan Cafe and taken pictures even before she moved in tokyo, BUT I didn't expect that this would be the place. Awesome!

Ah, and you know what, Ramichan kindly offered to take a picture together and we three had some chat, well she has a chance to talk with him every time she works though. His wife kindly explained about some dishes, and staff members were also nice.

I didn't take note, so I am not able to write any name of dishes that we ordered but the all dishes we had there were very delicious, and interesting. Some dishes contained a sort of banana, but it tasted like something between banana and potato. Mrs. Ramirez told that we don't have this banana in Japan, and yes I've never eaten it anywhere before. Somewhat chewy, somewhat soft, and.. yummy. The chorizo was also good. I'm already kinda fan of this Puerto Rican dishes, and would like to come again to try other menu!

Ramichan Cafe





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Year-End Party / 忘年会

Yesterday, I went out to the downtown to meet up my ex-colleagues from a translation project at MHI Hiroshima for a year-end party. It's been a while since we met last and is always awesome to spend a time with them. We had a very nice Japanese dishes at a classy restaurant and enjoyed exchanging our recent news.


We do this meeting every 4 months and I really like it. I'm already looking forward to the next dining :)


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Swearing-in Ceremony: Hiroshima Messenger 2014 / ヒロシマ・メッセンジャー2014依頼書交付式

Today, I went to the Hiroshima mayor's office to attend kind of swearing-in ceremony of an one-year-lasting volunteer ambassador called Hiroshima Messenger 2014. That's actually what I've been serving for this year, but I've got a chance to do this for the next year too. I feel so honored.

I have had a wide range of great experience through the volunteer this year: visiting the Hannover city with the mayor of Hiroshima; making a presentation about Hiroshima in German; serving as a volunteer translator of German for the delegates from Hannover; getting to know many German people and so on. I've learned German much harder than ever and improved a lot. I learned and knew about Hiroshima even more. This also brought me to a perspective for my future.

I hope, I'll have many fruitful moments of time and good encounters through this assignment next year too.





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A fabulous Christmas Party at my workplace

This Wednesday, I had a Christmas party at the workplace.

I prepared several cakes for the party, getting completely off the work a day before that day. Thank god, my boss is quite tolerant to such an occasion.

The party was very successful. Many students gathered and enjoyed talking with one another in the warm atmosphere, having snacks and cakes. It was happy to hear that they liked my cakes. A german student also brought her homemade cake that originates in her country: Schwarzwälderkirschtorte. It looked fantastic and tasted very good :)
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Heartwarming moment: Lunch with my grandma

Getting up in the early morning, my mom, brother, nephew and I went to Yamaguchi to spend a time with grandma today.

It's been just two weeks since we met last, but it's always nice to see one of my family who lives apart. My aunt and cousin also joined us and we went out for lunch.

In the town, there's a very old restaurant that has opened for more than 60 years. There we had a fabulous box lunch and enjoyed chit-chat, grabbing a cup of coffee. I really liked the cup which they renewed recently. It was a heart-formed ceramic cup.

Maybe I want some of this cup :)
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Trip to Shimane prefecture

Last Sunday, I went to Shimane prefecture with students from my workplace for a trip. It was cold but the weather wasn't so bad as I was worried.

We first visited the Yasugi Hall to watch the Yasugi folk music, then went to Matsue to have lunch and to do some hands-on activities - making of Japanese confectionary and of comma-shaped gem. Later, some of us had a free time to go around the Matsue castle for sightseeing. It was already in the mid of December but I even enjoyed a part of beautiful scenes of the late autumn. Well, maybe, it's fully changed to a winter scenery there as of now.

On the way back to Hiroshima, we could also enjoy viewing a beautiful sunset by the Shinji-lake. Although we just passed by the lake in a few seconds, I didn't miss a moment of the beautiful view.

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Yuno, my mother's hometown

At the end of November, I went to Yuno, my mother's hometown to see my grandma. The town is in the country, where people are able to enjoy seasonal beauties. After seeing her, therefore, I got some time to stroll in the town and took some pictures around.

Only 3 years though had I also lived there. It's a very short period of time, but time I spent there is also a part of my life. To be honest, it is little hard to live there now for depopulation, but still I love to come to see and stay in a very nice atmosphere of nature.

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Hiking to Mt. Takeda

On November 16, I had a work nearby my workplace in the morning, but taking this opportunity, I also hiked the Mt. Takeda that stands behind my workplace. It was very refreshing to go for a walk in a mountain during the autumn. Although tree leaves haven't discolored fully, the scenery there was very beautiful. They should be even more beautiful in two weeks or so.

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